RVR has a complete and innovative product range of broadcast equimpent that allows advanced and customised production. RVR uses an efficient quality control system to guarantee reliable products.


technical data sheets

TEX 1000 LCD
TEX 1300 LCD

TEX LCD 500 | 700 | 1000 | 1300


More powerful, high performance FM exciters, compact, reliable and easy maintenance.


  • Digital user interface to diagnose and control all the parameters displayed (frequency, output power, measurement, etc…).
  • Adjustable power output from 0 to 1000 W. On-air under any VSWR conditions thanks to Foldback control.
  • Low cost with high performance
  • Available with 2 SCA/RDS input connectors.
  • Built-in stereo coder with high perfomance.
  • Only 3HE.
  • Fully integrated telemetry and SMS alarms with built-in GSM modem and battery for the battery charger

RVR produces broadcast equipment: FM transmitters, broadcast transmitters, FM amplifiers, FM exciters, TV transmitters, cavity filters and combiners, radio links, and other FM broadcasting products for radio and television stations. Our exciters include both analog and digital models. We have both Solid state and Tube transmitters and amplifiers.