RVR ELETTRONICA, broadcast equipment


RVR has a complete and innovative product range of broadcast equimpent that allows advanced and customised production. RVR uses an efficient quality control system to guarantee reliable products.


technical data sheets

PJ 2000M-C
PJ 2500M-C
PJ 3000M-C

PJ 2000M-C | PJ 2500M-C | PJ 3000M-C

Exceptionally high gain P.A. with relatively low input


Automatic gain control providing fixed output power even in case fluctuating drive power

High reliability, easy handling and consistent performance standard achieved among the various units due to total absence of tuning requirements

Very high efficiency of P.A.

Composed of eight parallel 300 W R.F. power amplifier modules for highest reliability

These modules ere coupled through a Wilkinson Splitter and Combiner realized with 'Strip-Line Technology"

User-friendly graphic interface with all the amplifier's diagnostic and control parameters are displayed.

Protection for internal and antenna VSWR, excessive temperature and excessive drive power, with indicator light, which will put the transmitter driver in stand-by position in the event of failure

Includes a protection that in case of overcurrent on one 300 W P.A. Module reduces the voltage on the drain of the pair of 300 W modules interesting in faulty; then, this
protection card cheek the status of each single R.F. Power Amplifier module's protection fuse

Compact size dimensions with built-in power supply

Easily replaceable standard components

Advanced recycling overload and protection system that provides automatic re-start after about 10 seconds of stand-by in case of fault. This procedure is repeated four
times and in case of persisting fault, the cycle restarts again after 90 seconds, for four more times. if fault still persists, the stop becomes permanent. If instead, during one of the re-starts the fault disappears the counting circuit system is resetted after a regular working period of 90 seconds

13. If one or more power amplifier modules fails (totally or partially) the amplifier automatically reduces output power to a safe value but continues transmitting

14. Terminals Strip for telemetry and remote control


RVR produces broadcast equipment: FM transmitters, broadcast transmitters, FM amplifiers, FM exciters, TV transmitters, cavity filters and combiners, radio links, and other FM broadcasting products for radio and television stations. Our exciters include both analog and digital models. We have both Solid state and Tube transmitters and amplifiers.