technical data sheets

 MOZART 30 | 100 | 300 | 500 | 1000

MOZART 30 | 100 | 300 | 500 | 1000 | FM exciter

Green RF tecnology High Efficiency 120W to 5000W Transmitters Passion for F & T Broadcasting M V Compact and Modular FM


STEREO GENERATOR: High performance built-in digital stereo coder provides separation typical>65dB
Signal/noise ratio >80dB assures the highest audio quality.
Input sensitivity and output deviation adjustable with high precision of 0,05dB trough display interface or remotely by WEB.
AES/EBU digital stereo audio interface available as option.
Limiter keeps the maximum frequency deviation within international requirements to avoid over-modulation and adjacent channels invasion, the limiter levels can be set from the front panel.
Audio Monitor function:
  o The audio inputs are monitored with programmable levels and times thresholds in order to trigger the change-over and generate alarms or warnings.
  o Log file with activity of the Audio Monitor and Change-over. 
  o Thresholds audio levels and times of confutation set from front panel or remotely.

Dynamic PS Scrolling
Supports PI, PS, TP, TA, MS, PTY, PTYN, DI, AF, RT
Simple and user-friendly setup by RS232 software


Reduced maintenance. Easy accessibility of all parts, external serviceable cooling air filters, very high MTBF for RF and power supply modules, are only some of the     characteristics that explain the very high reduction of maintenance costs obtained.
N+1 facility (optional). N+1 facility control available to modify remotely the frequency and power output for redundant systems.
High frequency stability, in short and long terms, is assured by Digital Phase Locked Loop circuit with low drift VTCXO
External reference oscillator: 10 MHz input SMA 0 dBm, enable SFN syncronization (Single Frequency Network) 
Frequency Agile Broadband programmability from the front LCD panel with 10 KHz steps without any tuning or adjustment.
Meets or exceeds all the international standards for safety and electrical specifications. 
Switch-mode power supply with power factor control. 

  o Highly efficient and widely over-rated power supply modules insure low heating 
  o Low AC power consumption and superior reliability. 
  o The power factor control circuitry meets all the international requirements for mains network disturbances.



DB ELETTRONICA produces broadcast equipment: FM transmitters, broadcast transmitters, FM amplifiers, FM exciters, TV transmitters, cavity filters and combiners, radio links, and other FM broadcasting products for radio and television stations. Our exciters include both analog and digital models. We have both Solid state and Tube transmitters and amplifiers.